Trekking in the mountains of Marrakech 2019

Chantiers Sociaux Marocains
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Trekking in the mountains of Marrakech
Guided trekking in the Marrakech mountains!
Camp Title
Trekking in the mountains of Marrakech
Code and Date
CSM14 15/05/19 To 26/05/19
CSM15 15/06/19 To 26/06/19
CSM16 15/07/19 To 26/07/19
CSM17 15/08/19 To 26/08/19
CSM18 15/09/19 To 26/09/19
Date to be Confirmed
1 Week after you apply to us
Camp cancelled
1 Week before your starting day
Number of volunteers
Free places for males
Free places for females
Free places for all genders
Volunteering work
Depend of our free places we will inform the volunteers 2 weeks after we get the flight ticket
There’s 3 proposition
Hand in hand project
Disability children
Integration of immigrants

Working time
From 09H00 To 12h00
Time of the arabic classes
From 14H00 To 15h30 the first 5 days in RABAT
Time to go to MARRAKECH
The 19 in the afternoon and we sleep one night there the next day we go to Imlil
The 21 you start clamping the montagne for 5 days 
This project will combine discovering the city of Marrakech; trekking around in the Marrakech mountains and doing some solidarity work with the local population in the mountains. Participants will spend the first week in Rabat in a host family in order to get emerged into the local culture and will be given some language support classes as volunteer work. Afterwards they will move to the mountains surrounding Marrakech, where they will live in a private house rented for the purpose of the project.
Type of work
The volunteers do not have any obligatory task, as it is not a regular work camp. The activities planned are designed exclusively for them to enjoy the Moroccan culture and way of life. They are expected to participate actively in all of them.
The volunteers will first live in a host family in Rabat, then in Marrakech they will live in a shared apartment rented by CSM.

They will be given 3 meals per day.

Even though blankets and mats will of course be provided, we highly recommend volunteers bring their own sleeping bags just in case.

Important highlight:  Toilets in Morocco are usually Turkish bath style. We prefer to warn you because we have learned from previous volunteers experiences.
Camp advert

The aim of this project is to offer the participants the opportunity to get to know the Moroccan culture while doing a special activity and going on an exciting adventure. The program includes visiting Rabat and Marrakech not only as tourist, but also to enjoy and get to know the Moroccan culture and to get immersed in it by participating in the several activities proposed. The main goal of this project is to promote intercultural understanding and bonds.
Required spoken language
English and french
Camp spoken language
English and french
Darija (Moroccan arabic) is the native language
• No previous working experience required.

• Enthusiastic, positive and respectful people needed.

• Willingness to develop ties with other nationalities and learn new things.

CSM IMM 13 APP 06 rue elmowahidine  Quartier  Hassan
Transport hub
• If you choose to arrive directly in Rabat Airport, we can arrange someone to pick you up for 150 dirhams, otherwise the meeting point will be Rabat Ville Train Station. 

• To get to the Rabat Ville Train Station from the airport you can take the bus right outside the airport for 20 dirhams and it will leave you in front of the train station. With a taxi, it should cost you about 100 dirhams (price negotiable).

• If you arrive in any other airport of the country, you will be able to reach Rabat by train, check the timetable and connections on www.oncf.ma

Once you have your flights details please pass them by e-mail to your interlocutor so you can arrange with him/her your meeting point.

The info sheet will be send to you by e-mail 3 weeks prior departure.
Extra costs
400 €
Geocode address
Rabat, quartier Hassan 34°01'24.3"N 6°49'34.8"W
Minimum and max age
18 To 60
Wheelchair accessible
No more war
Urgent Number
Motivation letter
CSM/ICYE Youtube Channel and Website to help  Promoting our project